relreased april 6, 2021

Denise Nouvion and Evan Abeele recorded their debut EP in Evan's mom's basement in the suburbs of Ontario in 2009 during a particularly cold winter. It was the response to the pair’s initial offering, the independently released The Years EP, which swept them from internet obscurity to the international touring, major-label signing, certified early-2010s “buzz band”.


And although Memoryhouse fit the mold of the blog-centric 2000s indie scene, critics were quick to narrow-in on the distinct nature of their music. Writing for Pitchfork, Dan Weiss notes, “tons of music has sounded at least something like this, but Memoryhouse focus on one idea, from this specific angle in this exact light, and make it their own."


The band released their first full length The Slideshow Effect (2012) on Sup Pop Records, taking them on tour with Peter Bjorn & John and Washed Out. The independently released Soft Hate (2016) showcased a more evolved indie pop sound.

Mania (2021) marks a return to bedroom recording with a lush and bold exploration of The Beatles that reflects the chaos and longing of the year -- and our desperate need to cling to whatever joy we can find.

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